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Here at Zuzu Jewellery we offer a gorgeous collection of ear cuffs. An edgy and contemporary trend that is currently being sported by the rich and famous. The question is - why let them steal all the style?!

With so many unique designs to choose from here at Zuzu it will certainly be a tough decision to make. However, with our affordable prices and exceptional eye for design, there's no need to look any further for your perfect ear cuff. 

What styles are out there? 

Ear cuffs come in an array of styles so you will always find one to suit your needs.
Some ear cuffs simply clip around the ridge of your earlobe whilst others (e.g. chain designs) cuff around mid ear but they have the added bonus of a stud attachment.

Zuzu's Collection

We have some gorgeous ear cuffs on offer such as hanging heart chains, twisted jewelled leaf cuffs - see below, and shooting stars. 

We also have a beautiful selection of 9ct solid gold ear cuffs too. Follow the link to start exploring. #ZUZUEARCUFF.


Wearing your ear cuff

For your ear cuffs to make a real entrance it's always best (for those of you with longer hair) to style your hair in an upwards fashion. Be it a slick bun, half ponytail or simply swept to one side, exposing your ear is the key to your style.  

Ear cuffs are not to be hidden away; they are designed to be noticed. Most people choose to wear an cuff in one ear only. That's mainly because the designs often speak for themselves without the need for any distractions. 

Having said that, you can always pair certain ear cuffs with your favourite earrings. But...they look just as amazing on their own. 

Don't allow your other jewellery to take the attention away from your ear cuff. If you want to wear other jewellery, keep it subtle but stylish. Perhaps plain bangles and a simple choker?

Equally, it can be worn as a stand alone piece.

Whatever your decision, it's a certainty that everyone will want to #STEALTHATSTYLE.

Who's been spotted rocking the Ear Cuff? 

Oscar winner Emma Stone

British actress Keira Knightley 

Supermodel Cara Delevingne 


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