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Safety Pin Thread Through Earrings


Safety Pin earrings are the fun fashion accessory taking the world by storm. Brilliantly simple, they look ultra cool and come with an even cooler price tag.

We offer a selection of Safety Pin earrings here at Zuzu. We have both large and small plain pairs in surgical steel. If you're looking to add a bit of glam to your outfit we also have Safety Pin earrings featuring stunning Swarovski Crystals.

Safety Pin earrings look best when worn with casual outfits, especially denim. Be it a denim jacket or jeans, the earrings provide an edgy, punkish look.

For those with multiple lobe piercings, our style tip would be to wear the larger pin in the lower piercing and the smaller pin in the higher piercing for a graduated look. Perhaps one plain and the other with crystals? It's entirely up to you!

For a unique look, try wearing a thread through Safety Pin earring in one ear and a stud in the other ear. There are so many ways the pins can be worn. Experiment and discover what styles suit you. 

Top tip: Remember to always remove your earrings before going to bed. Sleeping with your Safety Pin earrings in could prove very uncomfortable, especially if you sleep on your side. Plus, your hair could get tangled!!

Many celebs have been getting in on the act and have been spotted wearing Safety Pin earrings. 

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So, why not #STEALTHATSTYLE and buy yourself some Safety Pin earrings here at Zuzu. Follow the link below and fill your basket today! 


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