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This week's Celebrity Style inspiration comes from none other than global pop superstar Rihanna.

(Pictures:, & Pinterest)

Rihanna is forever being snapped looking exceptionally stylish in every which way but there is one particular accessory she seems to have taken a shine to and that is the humble stacking ring.

What are stacking rings?

Stacking rings are simply rings that stack up on top of each other.

How do I wear stacking rings?

There is no 'right way' to rock the stacking ring look. You can wear them on one or all of your fingers with as many or as few as your heart desires! The main thing is: whatever is comfortable for you is all that matters.

Eye catching ways to make your rings stand out?

Try mixing up the different colours of metal.

Be bold with your choice of stone colours

Don't be afraid to experiment! Have fun with it!

This is a style that will never ever get boring or samey as it can always be mixed up and look forever great.

Search no further for your Celebrity Style than here at Zuzu Jewellery. Our stacking rings come in various metal colours such as silver, rose gold and gold vermeil. Stones include amethyst, rose quartz and blue topaz, to name just a few. Check out our rings section to begin exploring your stacking ring style!

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