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Bangles are beautiful and timeless fashion accessories that can be worn all year round - whenever, wherever. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes, colours and materials and can always guarantee to provide the perfect style to any outfit and any occasion.

The brilliant thing about bangles is you can mix and match them with different designs and they will always look great. However, one tip I would advise is not to mix metals as they don't always complement each other. Instead, try mixing one metal type with pearls or charms.

Never be afraid to rock the bangle look on both arms. The more the merrier as you can never over-do bangles. The beauty of bangles is because they are the ultimate focal point there's often no need for any other jewellery.
Don't allow the attention to be drawn away from the bangles (or you). 

Also remember, there's no need to match the bangles with your outfit. Make sure they stand out!
Just like these two famous faces below...
Zuzu has a new eye-catching and unique Venus Brass Bangle collection. Designed with charms, pearls and shells they are certain to spruce up any of your outfits and give you that #celebritystyle.

We also have chunky geometric and square cut out cuff bangles in our collection. So much choice! Don't delay and begin your celebrity style journey today!


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