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Zuzu's Zodiac Collection #LIBRA

 What's your sign? #ZUZUZODIAC

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Here at Zuzu Jewellery we offer a stunning collection of beautiful 9ct yellow gold earrings, representing each of the twelve signs of the Zodiac.
Libra 23rd September - 22nd October 


Libra is the seventh star sign of the Zodiac and is represented by the scales. The scales symbolise a Librans need and desire for balance and harmony. 

FACT: The scales are the only inanimate object within the Zodiac. Every other Zodiac symbol is a living thing or a mythical creature.

Libra is ruled by the planet of Venus which makes all Librans gentle and loving and they tend to express these attributes through words and actions.

Libra is one of three air signs, the other two being Gemini and Aquarius. Those born under the air sign are said to be calm rational and sincere when faced with various circumstances.

Libras are very sociable people who enjoy being liked. They like to be on the go all the time and love being around other people.

However, they also cherish their 'me time' so don't become disheartened if you fail to hear from your Libran friend for a few days. This is not a loss of interest on their part.


• Artistic
• Refined
• Loving
• Charming
• Communicative
• Sociable
• Cooperative
• Diplomatic


• Indecisive
• Detached
• Flirtatious
• Self indulgent
• Naive
• Unemotional
• Selfish
• Vain


Kim Kardashian, Kate Winslet, Will Smith, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Eminem, Simon Cowell, Serena Williams, Cardi B.

Explore Zuzu's Zodiac collection today and discover a little bit more about your star sign. 


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