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Gorgeous Gemstones


Zuzu offers a wide range of jewellery featuring a variety of beautiful semi-precious gemstones. From threader earrings and bracelets to stacking rings and necklaces, our products not only look exquisite but they also have a story to tell. 


A little info about Rose Quartz... 

Rose Quartz is a stunning Love gemstone. It is the crystal of Unconditional Love - a stone all about the heart. It is a gentle, soothing and beautiful pink colour and carries many feminine attributes such as compassion and tenderness.

The astrological signs of Rose Quartz are Taurus and Libra.


History of Rose Quartz

Egyptians, Greeks and Romans believed the Rose Quartz crystal had strong magical powers.

According to myth, Cupid (Roman God of desire) and Eros, (Greek God of Love) gifted humans love in the form of Rose Quartz.

Ancient civilisation believed the stone contained healing powers and prevented ageing.

Spiritual attributes of Rose Quartz

• Heals a tired heart after loss or emotional anguish - balances emotions

• Reduces stress and tension 

• Promotes compassion and dispels negativity

• Calms and heals the heart


Pictured above is Zuzu Jewellery's Rose Gold Rose Quartz Tear Stacking Ring priced at only £17.50. With a generous selection of gemstone stacking rings, why not explore our website and see if you can find a spiritual connection amongst our collection.  

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