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This Months Look: The Curated Ear

The curated ear is set to be the piercing, or piercings of 2021, after a strong following throughout 2020 it is only set to get even bigger after a year of being locked down. People are now desperate for a chance to buy a new dress, put on some heals and layer up the jewellery, and adorning our ears with statement pieces will be part of this. With one of the main appeals here being the uniqueness of each look. Whether you want to opt for boho chic, goddess gold or unique silver, this look works no matter your look.

We’re expecting the return of OTT accessorising - more is most definitely more.

But, what is a curated ear and how do you successfully stack your piercings like a pro? Achieving this look really is a work of art, so lets dive right into how to create it perfectly.

First off,  where should you get pierced?

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A well-curated ear can be a mix of lobe and cartilage piercings. However, if you're looking for a softer look then opting for additional lobe piercings instead cartilage will keep it softer and allow you to add more tiny huggies and hoops. If you don't currently have tons of piercings and don't want to opt to get them pierced all in one go (which we wouldn't advise) then you can add in ear cuffs to further curate your ear without the piercings.

Once you have decided on which piercings you are going to get, or which ones you already have then next is to decide on if you want to opt for asymmetric or a symmetric look. Here at ZuZu we love an asymmetric look, yours ears should be sisters...  not twins. Opting for pieces which compliment each other rather than the exact same will create a curated ear party fit for any goddess.

Should you opt for one colour?

We love mixing our metals in the right way, with a curated ear, because there is so much already going on, sticking with one metal keeps the ear looking neat and stops it looking cluttered. We personally love yellow gold for all over, that being said, this can easily be mixed with rose gold to add a little more dimension. 

The choice of metal colour should be decided on by determining what colour best compliments the skin tone. This is determined by holding up the metal to the skin, and seeing which colour best compliments your skin tone. Most people aren't limited to one colour, it's all dependent on the red tones in your skin. Any red undertones are best offset by white or yellow gold jewellery instead of silver.  

We love it when the metal colours match, as previously mentioned, but a little mis-match every now and then can really add a unique element that elevates the earring curation, so ultimately it is down to you and your style.

What pieces should you opt for?

 A curated ear is best created by using various shapes and sizes to add depth and dimension. You can mix and match your pieces, playing with different lengths and sizes, and add in ear cuffs to give the look an edge and without having go get more piercings. 

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