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The Ultimate Guide To Layering Necklaces

Here at ZuZu we're dedicated to helping you embrace your unique style and get the most out of your jewellery. From ring stacks, ear parties and to layering your favourite necklaces. 

From piled on gold chains to bold pendants paired with dainty chokers, layering necklaces have become our favourite way of making a statement, and our favourite part? You can so easily put your own unique twist on your look. Style is often experimental, so there is no right or wrong way to layer it. Experiment with different styles, layers and colours to see what works best for your look. 

Layering your necklaces right is an art and when you master it, it can transform your whole style. However, getting it right can be a challenge. Start with choosing your shortest one first, a choker or shorter pendant necklace works really well, then continue with your medium chain and so on.

Adding different textures as well will also create a really unique style. Mix dainty with chunky pieces, small chains with larger ones and gold with silver for that eclectic look.

Our top tips for layering necklaces

Vary your length

Length is extremely important when layering - necklaces of the same length will tangle easily and won't make the kind of a statement that you're looking for (think a big tangled mess that, that doesn't put any necklace on show) . Necklaces of a varying length will both make your neck look longer and add style to your look. Also, you want your necklace to be the right length to fit whatever neckline you’re wearing. 

Pick a statement piece

Layered necklaces work best when you have one hero piece. When choosing your necklaces to layer opt for one that will be the statement piece and others which compliment them, this way they won't all be fighting for attention on your neck. Which piece to choose as your statement also depends on your neckline that you are wearing. If you have a low neckline on then a pendent can work well, however if you have on a high neck top then a choker and a few small, dainty necklaces layered over the top can also work really well.

The rule of three

If you're new to layering then the rule of 3 is a fool proof way to rock it. The rule of 3 has it all, symmetry, enough variety, enough space between the pieces and allows you the option to put your statement piece in the middle, sandwiched between your two other faves. But, remember depending on your look less and more can both also look great! Just, as always embrace your individuality!

Can you mix metals when layering necklaces?

Mixing metals is definitely on the increase, style-wise and we think it is the perfect way to incorporate your own unique style into the look, it adds a really cool edgy twist, that we are all for! If you're new to mixing metals then opt for gold and silver, this creates a really great clash - but in a cool edgy way. When doing this to ensure the colour clash is the star of the show opt for simple and dainty chains.

Want to know more about mixing metals? Have a read of our mixing metals guide here.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your favourite necklaces and lets get layering!

Layering necklaces

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