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The Lockdown Style Guide

Lockdown seems like a common word in our vocabulary at the moment. Dressing up and going out for cocktails seems a thing of the past and putting on a pair of heels and meeting up with a whole group of friends is unheard of. Fashion might not be at the forefront of our priorities right now, but putting that extra 10% effort into your outfit everyday might just be the thing which keeps you sane through ‘all of this’. Currently, comfy trousers and a slouchy t-shirt worn three times over and turned inside out twice, has become our daily attire and the last time we washed our hair is 'questionable'. But, all is not lost. 

We've put together the minimal-effort style guide. How to take your outfit from 'homeless chic' to 'effortless goddess' in the same amount of time it takes to brush your teeth.

This is the guide you need to make yourself proud to put on your camera for your Zoom meeting again. Let’s all get dressed to (eventually) face the world again. Because what could be more hopeful than that?

It's all about layers

Layered necklaces are the perfect way to add some glamour to your casual t-shirt and jeans combination. Immediately appear like that t-shirt you've worn for 3 days straight was a considered choice, perfectly paired with mom jeans and layers of sparkling gold or silver necklaces. Try mixing choker style necklaces with our layered necklaces and even a pendent necklace to finish off your look.


Elevated loungewear

Joggers and tracksuit bottoms might not be the most stylish look, but with 2021’s fashion putting comfort at the forefront we have had to adapt and find a way to ensure loungewear is still functional and work from home friendly, however with a more refined and elevated look. Knitwear is this year's go-to, to do just that. From culottes, flares, to wide-leg; a knitted trouser is the ideal way to incorporate comfort with fashion.

Ear stack, stack, stack

An ear stack is THE easiest way to add some glamour to your look with literally no effort. Our earrings at ZuZu jewellery are solid white or yellow gold, so you don't even need to take them off when you sleep, meaning you can feel glam from the moment you wake up.

Ear Stack

That chunky knit jumper

We all have that one jumper that we keep wearing over and over again. It might be because it’s comfy enough that it feels as if we’re still in our PJ’s or warm enough that it will keep you cosy for a long day sat at your slightly draughty kitchen table, but no matter how often you wear it, it’s still the first thing you grab in the morning. But, fear not, this chunky knit jumper can still be classed as a fashion staple! Just pair it with a few of our exclusive ZuZu necklaces, and viola fashion!

Dainty wrist jewellery

Just like your layered necklaces, layers of dainty bracelets will give the illusion that you have your stuff together this month (despite, none of us really). Use various shapes and sizes to add depth and even combine metal colours for a truly eclectic feel, like our yellow gold and white gold together. Mix and match dainty and bold to create a stylised jewellery combination.

Wrist stack

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