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Stacking Rings What Are They And How To Wear Them

Stacking, or layering rings, aren't a new trend but they certainly aren't going anywhere any time soon either! So, it's time to learn what they're all about and how to layer them correctly!

If you are wondering how to stack and layer them in a beautiful way, then this is your ultimate guide. From large statement pieces to delicate bands, we will guide you through how to choose the perfect rings for your stack, which fingers you should and shouldn’t stack on, and what types of rings complement each other, including the ultimate question; should you mix your metals?

1. Start with one main ring

In order to build a cohesive style, first start with one main ring and then build the others around this one. Let the rings colour, style and shape dictate which other rings should be stacked around it

2. Leave at least one finger bare

It's easy to get over excited and over stack creating a look which is just too overdone. An easy way to overcome this is by leaving at least one finger per hand bare. Lots of people prefer to leave the thumb bare, but we favour a gap in between a few of the ringed fingers, perfect to create some separation. We love to see 3-4 fingers stacked on one hand and maybe 1-3 on the other, depending on your personal preference!

3. Incorporate accent rings 

An accent ring is a piece that stands out, whilst also complementing the rest of the ring stack. Use delicate bands and dainty pieces to build up your stack and complete a beautiful curated ring stack.

4. Use midi rings to tie the look together

Midi rings are dainty pieces which sit mid way down your finger just above the knuckle. Add a few to your look to really finish it off. Midi rings aren't always necessary but for a curated style but mix a few in for a truly curated look.

Stacking rings

5. Don't be afraid to mix chunky and slim bands and metal colours

The more you mix, the more interesting and curated your ring stack will be and the more unique to you it will look! Mix your metals, although sparingly, and add in a combination of thin and chunkier bands. Stacking rose gold with yellow gold can look beautiful, just be careful of any stone colours as well, as you don't want it to appear mis-matched. Also, pair your metal colour carefully with your skin colour to find the colour or colours which suit you best.

Read more about mixing metals here: Our Mixing Metals Mantra

Stacking rings

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