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Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Like Marmite, whether you love it or hate it Valentine’s comes around once a year, every year on February 14th.

There are multiple different types of people around Valentine’s, the one who goes all out every year with an abundance of flowers, chocolates and gifts for their other half; the ones who choose to celebrate ‘galantines’ with the other goddesses in their lives, celebrating friendship and independence; or the ones who spend the day treating themselves with little gifts, pamper sessions and the occasional cocktail, embracing some serious self-love.

But, no matter how you usually choose to usually spend it, this year, more than ever, our souls need Valentine’s right now. Valentine’s day, in our eyes, has always been about reminding the people we love, that we love them. We might be forced to spend Valentine’s at home this year but there’s a beautiful silver lining in that. It means we get to put more thought into our gifts and choose them with love, time and care. It encourages us to think a little more outside the box and get creative with the day. If this past year has taught us anything it’s to cherish the relationships that we have, to support independent companies and to love deeply.

Why not show them, whoever they may be, all of this and more with one of our specially chosen Valentine’s day gifts.

1. 9ct White Gold Pave Crystal Heart Ring - £113.50

2. Gold Moon & Star Pendant Necklace - £41.50

3. 9ct Gold Heart Disk Tiny Cartilage Hoop Earring - £46.00

4. Silver Rectangular Rainbow CZ Gem Ear Cuff - £36.50

5. 9ct Gold Celestial Cartilage Bar - £52.50

6. 9ct Gold Double Circle Chain Bracelet - £121.50

7. Silver Front Facing Marquise Daith Ring - £30.50

8. Steel Crystal Pink Heart Solitaire Ring - £12.50

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