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How To Put In Huggie Earrings & Continuous Hoops

With the ear stacking continuing to be as popular as ever, we're experimenting more and more with different styles of earrings. But, some are easier to put in than others. Huggies earrings & continuous earrings are some of our favourite styles of earrings, but we all know the struggles of putting them in and taking them out. Those pesky little clasps can be a nightmare to put in by yourself and gold huggies seem so close to your ear they can feel impossible to fully close.

What is a huggie earring & how do I put it in?

Ear huggies hoops are a style of little hoop earrings that literally ‘hug’ the earlobe. Which, whilst this looks super cute, can make them extra hard to get in. They tend to be thicker than the standard hoop and have a lever back meaning the curved back of the earring should simply click into place. To put your huggies hoops in, open the earring and push it into your ear hole, and close the huggie by pushing the ends towards each other. If it feels too loose, simply open the gold ear huggies or silver huggie and bend the pin a tad downwards. If it feels too tight, open the huggie and bend the pin a little bit upwards then close it again, 

What is a continuous hoop & how do I put it in?

Continuous hoop earrings are almost exactly as they say they are. Usually small thin hoops made of almost a continuous piece of  metal with just one small break in it to let you put the earring in. Whilst these beautiful, they can be a nightmare to get in and out. 

To open an continuous hoop, gently pull vertically to dislodge the post from its tube wire. Be careful not to bend or twist the hoop a lot as this may cause breakage of the earring. Just as you opened it, to close the hoop, thread the post through your piercing. Using your thumb and index finger, push the two sides closer together to close the gap. Using the same two fingers, guide the hollow end to line up with the post. Using your other hand's fingers, lodge the post onto the hollow end to secure the hoop, this may take a couple of practices but hopefully once you've got the hang of it, you'll be a natural! Now, just to choose whether you opt for huggies earrings gold or silver huggies!

Huggies and hoops ear stack curation
Now you know how to put them in, why not treat yourself to a new ear huggie or hoops here!


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