A celebrity's fashion style changes week on week. Our favourite stars are forever mixing up their look and it's sometimes hard to keep up with them. However, if there's one thing we can guarantee it's that they'll often be seen sporting a perfect pair of stud earrings.

It's certain that almost everyone with pierced ears MUST own at least one pair of studs, if not several.

Studs are a classic item in jewellery boxes across the globe and with such a vast market to cater for there are endless varieties to choose from.

The question is; how do you decide on the perfect studs?

That's where Zuzu Jewellery comes in. We're on hand to guide you through our stunning stud selection. Our styles are vast and varied with something for everyone.

With Christmas just around the corner it would be rude not to treat yourself to an early festive gift, wouldn't it?

If you're passionate about star signs we have a 9ct gold Zodiac stud collection. There are twelve unique designs to choose from representing each sign of the Zodiac. If you'd like to know the meaning behind your sign, take a look at our Zodiac Blog and discover your star sign's history.

If you're looking for a more glamorous style we offer a twist on the classic stud with drop earrings. Featuring plain, crystal and gemstone studs, this style is accompanied by a 'drop' chain which is attached to the stud. The chain hangs down providing a more sophisticated and elegant look, just like Alisha Dixon pictured below looking stunning in her drop earrings. Click on the picture and start browsing! 

(Picture: Gotceleb.com)

If you're wanting to go back to basics with classic studs we have a contemporary, delicate and pretty selection of 9ct solid gold studs. With so much choice, we've chosen our top three picks in gold studs: 

 Our top three picks are:

1. 9ct gold crystal arrow studs
2. Multi gem zigzag
3. Crystal anchor stud


Take a look at Zendaya looking gorgeous in a pair of black disc studs. You can steal her style right here at Zuzu with our disc studs (also available in gold PVD and rose gold). 

(Picture: Celebzz.com) 

You're spoilt for choice here at Zuzu Jewellery. Time for you to kick back, relax and start browsing our stud styles to find your ideal pair.

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