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Jewellery Trends For This Summer

Now the sun has finally started to poke its head out and the UK is slowly getting some sense of normality back. Our wardrobes (which are currently filled with oversized jumpers and stretchy trousers), are in serious need of a re-fresh, including our jewellery wardrobe. 

When it comes to jewellery, compared to clothes each piece is fairly versatile, however, there are certain pieces which lend themselves to the winter and other ones which lend themselves to hot, summer months. Whether you're opting for style or practically, there are certain things you need to remember in order to choose the ideal pieces for the summer.

Earrings will be your best friend

This no fuss accessory is the ideal one to opt for when the sun hits. They'll give your outfit that elevated look without long chains getting in the way or fussy pieces causing you more heat drama than you signed up for. Think small dainty studs or perfectly selected gold huggies for daytime and long pull through earrings for the evening to really add a touch of glamour to the evening.

Less is Always More

When it comes to summer and layering your jewellery, throughout the day, less is always more. No one wants to be untangling their (slightly sweaty) necklace stack and a jewellery tan line is not a vibe that we want to be rocking for the rest of the summer months. Save the layered look for after the sun has gone down to give your little summer dresses the step up they need.

Think Gold 

Whilst we love silver, gold really is the colour to opt for in the summer. It will complement your sun kissed skin and add a Mediterranean feel to your look. Even if we can't go away this summer, it doesn't mean we can't bring the holiday feel home.

Colour Is Always A Good Idea

Throughout the other seasons we love a simple gold or silver piece with a neutral sparkle, but the second summer hits, all of our rules go out the window. Adding colour to your jewellery is the perfect way to subtly say summer has arrived! Think bright colours such as turquoise, orange and pinks to really take your holiday look to the next level.

Materials Matter

If like us, you’re planning on spending as much of your summer in the water than out of it then choosing your metals carefully can make a big difference to the longevity of your necklace/ earrings/ bracelet, as well as stopping a green line being left on your skin, which nobody wants. Thankfully, the metals we use here at ZuZu are only solid gold, or silver meaning you can wear these as much as you want with no worry about tarnishing them or leaving an awful green mark on your skin. Any solid metal should be ok to wear to the beach, but any gold–plated, rhodium–plated, and vermeil don't mix well with the abrasive sand and salt water, so avoid these on your next trip. If you opt for rose gold, as it contains a high percentage of copper the salt water will accelerate the corrosion, so its best leaving these pieces at home as well.

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